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Welcome: 8 Jan 2017

This term year 11 begin revision of Unit 1. We will be starting by looking at the properties of waves, moving onto electromagnetic waves, the wave equation and red shift.

I’ve updated the website to include revision for these topics including more challenging higher tier questions.

Electromagnetic Waves

Wave Equation


22nd April 2014

Today we will be looking at preparing for the 2nd ISA Paper, looking at ISA key terms and you will also be filling in your candidate note sheet.

For this you will need access to the attached files.

Bath’A’levelphysics by hutchings

physicsfortoday&tomorrow by tomduncan

theworldofphysics by johnavison

Physics Revision Sessions

This week we will be reviewing the P2.5 and P2.6 exams from last week. Overall most of the results are pretty good so well done!

However, there are a few who will be wanting to improve. There are now three opportunities for you to revise physics after school during the week. The Monday session is run by Mr King, on Thursdays by Mr Kerley and on Fridays by Miss Mentzel.

If you are not currently hitting your target grade letters will be sent home to personally invite you to attend these sessions in order to catch up.

This week in lesson we will be starting to look at the ISA module, this is worth 25% of your overall grade so is vital towards ensuring you do as well as you can overall in your GCSE.

Half Life, Decay Equations and Fission

Tuesdays lesson looked at what half-life is, how we calculate it and what the effects of long or short half-life are. We also looked at radioactive decay equations for both Alpha and Beta radiation before moving on to Nuclear Fission.

We looked at Nuclear Fission and how it works, and how it’s used in Nuclear reactors. You can find the interactive demo here at:

Next week you’ll need to have completed your notes to include half-life, decay and fission and we’ll be looking at fusion and the life cycle of a star. Don’t forget to also have both sets of exam questions from the past two weeks which will be taken in for marking next week.

March 10th Radiation Questions SPW

Radioactivity notes and homework

Tuesday’s lesson reviewed the exam on modules 2.3 and 2.4 and then moved on to radioactive sources.

Alpha, Beta and Gamma were all demonstrated and your notes should include what each type of radiation is, how ionising and penetrating it is, and what each type of radiation can be used for. You should also look at how a magnetic or electric field affects each type of radiation, what each one is should give you some indicators as to how it should be affected. Please bring your up to date notes with you next lesson.

Some past paper questions were given out at the end of the lesson. All questions should be attempted apart from those which ask about half-life or decay equations. Both of these topics will be covered next lesson, and we will also start to look at nuclear fission and fusion.

Radiation Questions March 4th

Atoms and Radiation March 4th

Electricity and Forces notes

Freya has very kindly agreed to share her comprehensive notes on electricity with the rest of the class.

Freya Menzies Electricity Work (Compressed)

Freya Menzies Forces Work (Compressed)

Please do use them to aid your revision and fill any gaps due to absence.

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